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Near Northside Houston Home

Near Northside Houston Home – 1511 Everett

Near Northside is Recommended

See Near Northside  Homes to get a better feel for the area.

As a realtor, I’m pretty conservative when predicting appreciating neighborhoods to recommend. I base my recommendations on what has already happened; i.e. Oak Forest, Timbergrove, Heights, Idylwwod …all areas  of strong growth because of location, cohesive neighborhoods, strong pride of ownership. I also recommend areas based what might happen; i.e. Lindale Park, with the light rail, and  East End, with all the Eado talk.

Lindale Park is the perfect place to buy a cute little bungalow, or a not-so-cute one to renovate. All the home prices will appreciate with the neighborhood.

Eado is not a place to buy a bungalow. This I think is a good place to buy a discount townhouse, or buy land to build townhouses. This is strictly a place to buy new, or build new contemporary. Whenever this recession ends, land prices just have to escalate. If you are a sports fan, this will be the place to be. I don’t see it as a “kid friendly” place though. I just don’t expect to see kids bicycling around there any time soon.

But, what about the areas that aren’t so easily defined? I have always been asked about the area between Lindale Park and downtown.. I have seen some wonderful old bungalows that would make me drool if they were in the Heights. They are not in the Heights though, or in any other easily categorized area. This is generally known as Near Northside Houston. “Should I buy there? Can I re-sell in the future and get my money back out?” I’ve never been able to answer that. I just hadn’t seen many nicely renovated homes on the market there.

However, I had my eyes opened though by a recent Houston Chronicle article by Lisa Gray. Describing a most wonderful home in Near Northside that was just designated as a Protected Landmark in the City of Houston

“In the Heights, Saul and Ruben Obregon’s house wouldn’t stand out. It’d be just another cute cottage with a gingerbready porch and a fresh Victorian paint job.  Maybe you’d notice the meticulously maintained little yard or the enormous historic plaque. Or maybe not. The Heights is like that. The Near Northside, though, is not. It’s not that the right-next-to-downtown neighborhood is short on historic houses; in fact, it’s jam-packed with little 100-year-old Victorians. The neighborhood is in the National Register of Historic Places. But fixing up those historic houses hasn’t exactly been a priority in the low-income, heavily Hispanic neighborhood. On Everett Street, where the old houses tend to sport peeling paint and corrugated-metal carports, the Obregon brothers’ stands out: an after, surrounded by befores….”

 Map Showing Part of Near Northside

Part of Near Northside #1 is 1511 Everett St

More on this Near Northside Queene Anne style home can be found at site
So, is it it time to recommend this area? I would look into it, especially if you can’t afford the Heights. There are some wonderful homes in the area.

To understand how this neighborhood fits into the surrounding area, see the links below:

My sales pitch: If you are currently looking at Houston Heights homes or the more affordable areas nearby, give me a call. I am a Heights Realtor specializing in real estate in these older neighborhoods. and the surrounding inner-loop areas; the older, the better. Ny business partner, Linda Miner would also be happy to help. Call to chat about these homes: 713 868-9008

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