Near Northside House Prices

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Near Northside House Prices-Mid 2012

This article is good to keep around. It is kind of a base price for Near Northside home prices. See my main page on Near Northside Homes.

Houston Skyline -1924, When These Near Northside Homes Were Built

Houston Skyline -1924, When These Near Northside Homes Were Built

Near Northside Homes For Sale-2835 Cetti St

2835 Cetti St, Nicely Updated 3/2/2 – $145,000

Near Northside Homes For Sale-1712 Marion

1712 Marion St, 2/1/1, $49,900


Near Northside Homes For Sale- 1145 Panama St

1145 Panama St,2/1/0 on double Lot, $85,000

Near Northside House For Sale-3507 Chapman

3507 Chapman St, 2/1/1, $96,500

Prices of a Few Near Northside Homes for Sale

are shown to help you (and me) get a grasp of this market.
My previous post on Near Northside Houses was about a beautifully restored home in this relatively undiscovered Inner Loop neighborhood.

Quick Market Snapshot:
Boundaries:  Roughly between I-45 on the West, Hardy St on the East. I-10 on the South, up to about Cavalcade.
There are currently 23 homes active on the market. They range from $49,900 for a fixer-upper (definitely more than just a little paint and carpet) to $145,000 for one that is beautifully re-done.
The average price for these Near Northside homes for sale  is $100,000. Price per SF is a horrible way to look at individual houses, but it gives a quick, easy measurement when comparing neighborhoods. $/SF here is $70/SF on the low end to ~$110/SF for nicer homes.

I would like to have a link here to do an MLS search of Northside homes, but the term Northside isn’t used uniformly, so any search must be map based. Contact me and I would be happy to send a list. This pdf document shows the Near Northside Homes List as of 04/10/11. And finally a Near Northside Map of Houses.

2835 Cetti is a nicely re-done 3/2/2, 1354 SF home on a 5000 SF lot. I was impressed with the photos the realtor took, so I’m happy to promote her listing: A Nicely Re-done Near Northside Home.
I’m also showing the cheapest home there;1712 Marion St. It’s a tiny house on a tiny lot (740 SF on 2895 SF lot).
The other homes, I’m sorry to say were selected based on their photos. Most of the exterior shots of these homes suck. Now, I know some homes are difficult to shoot, like if the porch is covered in junk, but most poor shots are just plain poor skills of the realtor.

If you are currently looking at Heights area homes or one of the similar, but less known areas, call me for advicel: 713 868-9008

A neighborhood at the north edge of this area is Lindale Park. See link below for this popular neighborhood.

To understand how this neighborhood fits into the surrounding area, see the links below:


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