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Near Northside Installs “Historic” Signs

See my page on Near Northside Homes to get details on this neighborhood and it’s great old homes.

The sense of community in the Near Northside neighborhood, is showing again . It is now installing the “Historic Near Northside” sign toppers on street signs.

Near Northside

Near Northside Historic Markers

Avenue CDC (see my article on its New Near Northside Development in the area) supported the area’s 2011 listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and is helping with the sign toppers project to promote area recognition.

Near Northside is East of the Heights; between I-45 and Hardy St. It bounded roughly by Cavalcade and Burnett north and south. It was settled early in Houston’s history, since it just across from Buffalo Bayou, on the north side of Allen’s Landing.

Like the Heights, Near Northside homes are mainly Victorian (late 1800’s) and Bungalows (early 1900’s). These old homes have a warmth that just can’t be found in newer homes.

Also, like the Heights, this area once had a trolley line that connected it to downtown. It was removed as being antiquated in 1939, but is now being re-born as light rail. It seems like we are always in a rush to tear down the old, then discover that maybe it wasn’t so bad.

The funky, abandoned,  Robert E. Lee Elementary School in the area is being re-built as a community Center. The last time I saw it, it still had supports holding up some exterior walls. I sold a wonderful vacant lot next to it about a year ago. It will be the building site for someone’s dream home, overlooking White Oak Bayou.

This is an area I recommend if you like Heights-style bungalows and Folk-Victorians, but can’t afford the Heights.

To understand how this neighborhood fits into the surrounding area, see the links below:


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