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Near Northside Struggle-Minimum Lot Size

Northside Concert Venue-2915 N Main

Location of Future Concert Venue

The Houston Chronicle just did an article on Near Northside Braces for Change on 4/26/15.

Everything about this neighborhood is geared for change.

It is similar in nature to the Heights…it is just chopped off from it by I-45. Heights prices are ridiculous and builders are being forced to look elsewhere..they are even looking at Independence Heights. This Northside area is perfect for remodelers and builders alike.

The light rail is runs from downtown along N Main, then takes a dog-leg up Fulton and goes up along Lindale Park. This will help both Lindale Park and the greater area of Near Northside.

The immediate concern though is the 3 stage music venue being built at 2915 N Main by Pegstar Concerts. This would be easy access from I-45 and from the light rail. The concern is two-fold: what the traffic will do to this little neighborhood; and what future development might bring… i.e. townhomes.

There are two types of development that could occur:

  • The first is the scorched earth policy by developers in First Ward; Tear down everything you can and pack in tall skinny homes that overwhelm the neighborhood. After that, the cool old homes that could be remodeled, won’t be remodeled, nobody wants a little bungalow in the shadows of 3 story new homes.
  • Another development model is that of Brooke Smith (across I-45 from Near Northside). Homes in this part of the Heights are being remodeled intelligently, and new homes are being built among them. There are even a lot of 1-story new homes, a rarity inside the loop. The neighborhood is keeping its charm and personality instead of being stripped of it.

I wish them luck. Nobody wants their neighborhood destroyed in the name of “progress.”
To understand how this neighborhood fits into the surrounding area, see the links below:


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